Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thinking Outside The Box

Being inventive is especially important when work or busy schedules hamper putting together a great meal. I find that not all the ingredients have to be made from scratch especially if some of them will be. This past Sunday we made it around the flea market and picked up some home made flour tortillas & a single avocado from a small hispanic stand just because they looked good and we felt sure we would find a good use for them. Mondays are always hectic at our place of business and just before heading home we decided to go through the drive thru for some Zaxby Chicken Fingers and make some wraps for our supper. The idea came together because of what all we knew we had on hand which was the tortillas and avocado I just mentioned but also we had some fresh leaf lettuce, onions, Salvadorian Creama, home cooked pinto beans, and home made salsa verde. Need I say more...I don't think anyone could taste of one of these bad boys and have a problem with where the Chicken Fingers came from. Now I've gone and made myself hungry just thinking about it.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Well here I am no more than a year old and my Grandmaw looks ready to grab me in case I try and leap off that porch. Her and my Grandpaw worked at the Crown Cotton Mill which was only a rocks throw from that old house and she worked 1st and he worked 2nd so they could take care of all them kids (they had 11 and adopted a sick cousins to make 12). She was particular about things and I'm pretty sure she cut that slice off that pic on account of it had her spit can beside her rocker there and she sure loved here Bruton's snuff but just didn't want everyone to know it.

Shortly After That I Got MY 1st Ride

Monday, March 23, 2009

Greatest Chicken Casserole Ever Made

Not long ago I had an epiphany of the greatest casserole ever made. Here’s the video…

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Super Burger With Fried Olives

Couldn't pass up trying fried olives! They are stuffed with bleu cheese and taste great. A good side with the burger which was really special served on ciabatta.