Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long & Eventful Weekend

Man it's just a blur beginning with a trip to So Pittsburg, Tn to pick up an initial order of 7 Traeger grills and various other products. After getting them back and before closing Friday I did manage to get one completely assembled before calling it a day. So all I wanted to do Saturday was put two of the other grills (different models) together and wait on Charles W to stop by and pick up his Backwoods Competitor. Man what a nice cooker in that big Competitor, heavy though, but I managed carting it out and helped secure it inside his trailer for the trip back to Tn. After that there was little time for what I really wanted to do which was to fire up the demo Traeger and cook some things on it and as usual I had planned on doing way too much and only got to cook some pork and chicken strips on skewers. Soon as I got those cooked, which was no easy chore with the high winds we had, I headed home and they then became our supper. Being the gluten for punishment I am I also had a big butt and brisket to cook and although really too tired to do the all nighter, I went ahead and cooked those on the little Backwoods Chubby after carefully re-engineering an old Primo guru adapter to fit the Backwoods and used a Stoker on it instead of the guru. The butt and brisket was no better or worse than usual which was a big disappointment as I thought I had changed things up a good deal and was hoping for something better than usual. They might have done pretty well if the top teams were not around. Here's a pick of the grilled chicken, which was marinated in soy and pineapple and then sprinkled, with Sweet n Heat. This might be a good time to remind anyone that reads any of my ramblings that I am not a writer and grammar was never my strong suit.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Moose Lodge Chicken

The first time I remember eating BBQ or anything off a grill for that matter was at the annual Moose lodge BBQ fund raiser in the very early 60’s held right on old Hwy 41 and just across the road almost from Grandma Rhudy’s old place. I remember when we cleared the uphill grade of the drive to the parking lot seeing the long concrete block home made pit that must have been at least 30 ft long and several volunteers including my great uncle Raymond who bartended there all tending the fire and flipping chicken. Up until then the only thing I had ever had cooked outdoors was at a marshmellow / Winnie roast where we would build a big fire and use your pocket knife to shave the bark off the skinny end of a branch to stick the prize winnies and marshmellows with to hold in the fire and usually these were all held on some special occasion like a birthday or something. I believe my great aunt Ella Ray sponsored the first one I went to in her back yard for Jehu’s birthday. Anyway no telling how much chicken was cooked and sold at the Moose Lodge that day and it sure was good. Not long after that Lynn Calhoun held a family reunion at his house and tried to replicate the chicken at the Moose Lodge using his homemade horizontal 55 gal drum and he did a dang good job. Anyway BBQ has sure made some vast strides for me personally as I have to date bought, sold, and cooked on some of the finest bbq equipment ever made and am about to venture into a whole new direction and try the Pellet smoker / grills. I’m basically a lazy rascal and I can’t wait to get started using a cooker that you just turn the dial like the stove in the kitchen and forget about all that mess with a fire and ashes and such. I doubt if anything I cook will ever replace the memories of the Moose Lodge and Lynn’s reunion but I got some grandkids that may someday be able to look back in time and remember something similar with me and these new fangled cookers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Penne & Sausage

We made a trip up to Maryville, Tn a couple weeks ago to see our friends Vern and Helen Ashbrook's new farm. Not surprisingly they really went all out to be the great host they always are and put a brunch on the table that was nothing short of magnificent. You might say they hit a home run, grand slam etc but I say it was perfect. I've already told Helen she can cook for us anytime. We didn't get the recipe and really wanted to try our hand at it yesterday, so we just winged it and it was very good but fell far short of Helens. It's a great dish and the homemade yeast rolls and salad (add avocado) makes it very special. A little red wine doesn't hurt either. As I said I didn’t have the recipe and I didn’t write anything down but here’s what we put in the dish. Homemade Hot Italian Sausage shaped in bite size pieces and fried well done, whole wheat Penne (use reg pasta to make the dish look brighter), artichoke hearts, green onions, sundried tomato, asparagus, carrots, fresh mozzarella cheese, cream.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Plans are to make a one dish meal recipe later today out of some brisket from the freezer. I'm thinking about adding about a half pound of large shrimp to make it a surf n turf deal and of course this dish generally gets a bread topping (most likely cornbread). If and when this comes to be more than just thinking out loud I will update this post.

It turned out excellent...even better than expected. Giant lima beans, baby peas, carrots, onions, garlic, tomatoes, tomato paste, broth, wine, brisket, large shrimp all topped with cornbead.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How Long or Have You Ever...

How long has it been or have you ever mixed up a can of this premium beef (it taste pretty premium to me) with some chopped boiled eggs, pickle relish, and mayo? Of course you may want to dress it up a bit with some lettuce, tomato, mustard and maybe some pickled jalapenos. You try one on some good buns and see if your not fixen em on a regular basis from then on. Some ruffles and a good ol dope a cola and you are set.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tater Tots?

That's right they have just escalated to a position above the baker for me at least. I've been hearing about these for sometime and just never tried them till this weekend and man am I glad I finally gotaroundtuit. Do these at a fairly low temp and the bacon just melts away leaving just a little crunch behind while jacking up the already beloved tater tot flavor. And yes! I am serious about it making a good replacement for the baker. Still gotta try Johns bacon wrapped baked tater too though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ralph's Peanut Butter Sandwich

I know one thing - I loves me a peanut butter sandwich and Ralph obviously does too. Here's the recipe from the "Rush Chapel Cookbook" which is one of the fundraiser cookbooks I pickup any time I see them at flea markets or yard sales, etc.

Take two slices of fresh white bread. Spread one slice with butter or margarine. Spread peanut butter generously on the second slice. Place the buttered side against the peanut butter side. Please be careful not to drop the bread as it always falls butter or peanut butter side down, and your wife or our mother will yell if it falls on the floor. Besides the dog might get it. This is especially good served with a glass of cold milk. Ralph Perry

Personally even though I've made and consumed hundreds of peanut butter and mayo sandwiches I don't recall dropping a single one but that's probably cause I had my milk in hand and sandwich in my mouth so quick. Also, the best sandwich with peanut butter comes with a nanner and mayonaise (Kraft - there is a reason it's called REAL mayonaise). You need a thick layer of mayo on one side and thick layer of peanut butter on the other side and cut the nanner crosswise at about 2/3 and slice it lengthwise. This way you should be able to get slices of the whole nanner neatly layered on the bread so all you have to do now is mash it down good and grab that glass of milk.

Snapping Turtles

Watch this professionally produced and portrayed documentary to learn a new hobby and / or add a new meat to the BBQ.