Sunday, May 31, 2009

Stephy Style Wangs

Had these wangs last night and boy was they good. I got some of Stephy’s stuff and had to see what wings would be like with it, added some secret cinnamononnon hot stuff to it and you just wouldn’t want to do nutin else to these wings cept eat em. Smoked em on a hanger wing rack at about 275 to 300 for bout 2 hrs rotating em every now and then, then turned on the heat to bout 400 and squirted some of that secret cinnamononnon flavored melted butter on em for just a little while to get that good finish. WOW is all I can say, good good good.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Here's Our New Home

The second weeekend of this month Sue and I made the long trip up to Ohio to pick up our new trailer. Our Carpet Capitol Smokers bbq team now has a 1st class rig to cook contest with from now on.

Our team is made up of Sue and I along with friends Vern & Helen Ashbrook from Maryville, Tn. Here's a pick of us at his home on a Sunday following a Saturday contest last year. Photobucket

Here's our team logo and we're doing pretty good and improving all along and this past weekend at the Horsin Around BBQ Festival at Brasstown Valley Resort in Young Harris, Ga, we finished 11th overall with a 7th in chicken, 11th in Ribs, 3rd in Pork (200 cash), and 21st in brisket.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Unusual Memorial Meal

Yesterday was not the first Memorial day that have we spent most of our time working around the house and when the work was done we found ourselves doing a rather out of the ordinary meal. It wasn't BBQ, burgers, dogs but it sure was good. The meatloaf got some garlic power, ground pepper, and then some Wow Up Your Cow rub from The Slabs co. Nice smokey flavor and the diced up smoked sausage hiding in the center of the loaf made for a nice touch.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Surf n Turf

Mother’s Day dinner turned out to be a pretty dang good and well rounded dinner for 3 well “rounded” and happy eaters. Mom really enjoyed that oh so tender fillet and lobsta tails. The grilled lemon pound cake with brn sugar, butta, and a sprinkle of ground chipotle pepper and topped with whipped cream was a nice touch. I knew as soon as I got back from Kroger with that fillet at that price I should have got more than one of em. I can’t wait to try the 1 ½ pound ground fillet for a burger. WhoooooooBuddy.


Me, Sue, Jose, and Helen finished RESERVE GRAND CHAMPIONS at the 3rd annual Louden Co, Tn Big BBQ Bash contest Saturday with a FIRST PLACE CHICKEN, FIFTH PLACE PORK, & 11TH RIBS. Twenty nine teams competed in this Non Sanctioned event with about five teams regular competitors on the KCBS circuit. As you can see in one of the pictures it was extremely MUDDY so to encourage patrons to visit the vendors there at one point a tractor with a scrape pulled the mud down to one end of the lane and volunteers scattered straw. A few kids (I wanted to) were allowed to take their shoes off and walk in the mud half way up to their knees. With Mother’s Day the next day we planned to leave early and the awards were late so we got the good news from HAPPY JOSE & Helen on the phone about 6 pm and I just couldn’t believe we finished so well even though I knew in my heart all 3 meats we turned in were the best we have ever cooked (THANK YOU Rod Gray & Johnny Trigg) and the pork definitely should have done even better because it was awesome.




Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vinegar Slaw & Pork Chops

I have always and everyone I know around these parts have always made cole slaw with mayo. I guess I just never felt the oil and vinegar could possible be as good - I WAS WRONG! I took my time and cut the cabbage, red bell pepper, carrots, green onions into simular threads all about the same size. Into the tossed veggies, add salt, celery seed, canola, and cider vinegar. Then toss and let set a couple of two to three hours or even a day if you like. Instead of using all cider vinegar though I replaced half of the vinegar with some habenaro / carrot hot sauce I made last year that is about the same consistency as vinegar but of course has a good kick to it. You talk about kickin up a samwich. WhooooBaby. If a pulled pork with BBQ Sauce is as good as I hear it's is with this stuff on it or if it's any better than this pork chop sammwich, I doubt if I could stand it.