Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BS Loaded Potato

Brunswick Stew(BS)Loaded Potato. We’ve used leftover chili to make them for years on weeknights and we’ve seen them offered with every kind of meat on the menu at BBQ joints. But you won’t find much with a google search for the simple Loaded Baked Potato like the BBQ joints have or this one we had last night but what you do find and seems amazing to me is all these recipes for Twice Baked and the Loaded Tater soup recipes. Don’t get me wrong those are good too, or am I just saying that because I love taters any way you can fix them. Anyways back to the BS Loaded Potato, it’s got a lot going for it with all those veggies in it along with the 3 meats (bbq chicken, pork, & brisket), and you don't even need BBQ Sauce, just some Tobasco maybe. It's my favorite loaded potato so try if your fortunate enough to have some real Brunswick Stew (Georgia) and haven’t already and I bet you’ll like it.

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