Monday, June 15, 2009

Cuban Pork Sandwich & Dino Bones

Did a couple of decent cooks over the weekend, both of them had been a long time coming. One of RumR’s most admired cooks for me anyways was the butts cut up in eights and cooked Cuban style with Mojo. I guess you could say I mojoed these country style ribs and boy did they make some good sammiches. I definitely got the fat rendered out of these ribs but they were still not dry and by the time you applied a bunch of the mojoed mayo both on the bun and drizzled on the meat, you couldn’t ask for better. I gotta get off this bean / corn stuff till the maters start coming in at least and the peppers should be ready about the same time which is real good cause I’m having a hard time getting this hot enough and plan to pour the peppers to it next time. I used a commercial mojo and just cut the ribs into cubes and placed in a gal bag along with the marinade and one of them long – fresh cayenne peppers chopped fine for about 3 hours (would have rather had it in there overnight) then browned in the Jr before going indirect in a covered half pan with more mojo till they were done. I don’t know why I haven’t done the dino bones more often cause I love em. I did these 2-1-1 with a heavy rub or 3 and applied some honey mustard for a glaze at the end and had one goal all along and that was to not overcook em. Set Jr at 300 from start to finish. I’ve lost a setting somewhere along the ling on my little camera as the pics are getting worst all the time. That red cutting board did help none either.

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