Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kennesaw, Ga - Pigs n Peaches

Cooking the KCBS BBQ contests on a regular basis is like being a part of a small roving community made up of friends and their various trailers and / or pop up tents, all just having a good ol time cooking outdoors. We sure enjoyed this one and it’s always easier for us to do those closer to home. We had great weather from the time I got there Thursday at about 2pm till Sue and I finished packing up and headed home Sunday morning at 8am, we are early risers 7 days a week. Chatham Artillary took home the Grand Championship and cooked right next to us and I could not help noticing how well organized and confident they were the entire weekend. I was not feeling like someone that would be very good company after the awards Saturday so I had planned to talk with them Sunday before pulling out as they had already said they weren’t leaving till then, but we were a little too fast getting ready to go I guess because they hadn’t got up yet when we left. Congrates Chatham! We will be heading to Lenoir City, Tn in another few weeks searching for the big win. Ya’ll come. See you there.

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