Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rainy Day Cooking

Well it rained and it rained so I had to find something to do. Got out a pack of pulled pork and sauced it good, made some food processor Whole Wheat Pizza Dough and added a few shakes of Tobassco and cheese. Two pizzas were also in order and I did make two batches of the dough, so one was made with my just made smoky buckboard pork loin bacon and the other was some really thin sliced steak. Cranked up the lil Chubby, inserted the Primo pizza stone and run it up to 450 or better and they cooked like you dream about with no worry of the bottoms burning and the top not getting done enough, they both got done at the same time. Everything turned out good and you just can’t beat the flavors. Next bbq calzones will have pickled japs though to kinda offset that sweet championship bbq sauce by Mr Blues Hog.

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