Monday, February 22, 2010


I just could not get that sausage I made the last couple weekends off the brain so here's what the cooking part of the weekend looked like. The Texas Hot Links (and I do mean HOT) turned out to be Saturdays dinner and was made kinda special with eggless scratch buns, and if you have never made homemade buns I highly recommend it and can just about guarantee you will be very pleased. I find these buns taste just as good without the eggs once toasted and stay fresh longer. I've made them both with and without the egg glaze you see here and I prefer without glaze. As for the Hot Links being hot, they were even too hot for a chili head like me, but still good. Sue fried a few little thin boneless pork chops to go on some of those scrath buns with a fried egg and that's another good thing about these buns you can shape some burger shape and some hot dog shape, anyway this Pork Chop & Egg with a little mayo, jalapenos or pickles, and lettuce is mighty fine. I love to cook just to have something to do when I'm at home and I think this next dish is got to be one of my favorites made even better this time with my scratch Italian Sausage and you could really tell the difference in mine and store bought (unlike the Hot Links these had just the right amount of seasoning). I think this is only the third time doing this one and all 3 times they turned out super so it must be pretty easy to do. The hardest part of course is rolling that dough out in such a big circle (about 20 inches). The flavors in this is so dang good - you gotta try this one. There was a Fatty (Tenn Pride roll of sausage) thrown in the cooker just for good measure and all I did to it was roll it out and put 4 slices of Sharp Provolone and roll back up and bread it with fine bread crumbs with a little caraway seeds added. Here's the link to the casserole, it's called Torta Rustica and the pics you see when you view the recipe is from the second time I made it.

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