Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ralph's Peanut Butter Sandwich

I know one thing - I loves me a peanut butter sandwich and Ralph obviously does too. Here's the recipe from the "Rush Chapel Cookbook" which is one of the fundraiser cookbooks I pickup any time I see them at flea markets or yard sales, etc.

Take two slices of fresh white bread. Spread one slice with butter or margarine. Spread peanut butter generously on the second slice. Place the buttered side against the peanut butter side. Please be careful not to drop the bread as it always falls butter or peanut butter side down, and your wife or our mother will yell if it falls on the floor. Besides the dog might get it. This is especially good served with a glass of cold milk. Ralph Perry

Personally even though I've made and consumed hundreds of peanut butter and mayo sandwiches I don't recall dropping a single one but that's probably cause I had my milk in hand and sandwich in my mouth so quick. Also, the best sandwich with peanut butter comes with a nanner and mayonaise (Kraft - there is a reason it's called REAL mayonaise). You need a thick layer of mayo on one side and thick layer of peanut butter on the other side and cut the nanner crosswise at about 2/3 and slice it lengthwise. This way you should be able to get slices of the whole nanner neatly layered on the bread so all you have to do now is mash it down good and grab that glass of milk.

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