Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time For A Little Mexican At Home

I like to think I can do the Mexican foods about as well as they can and what I mean by that is simply that we love the food and eat at some of the best "authentic" restaurants in our area (no Tex Mex for me, sorry). This dish was lacking a lot on the bells and wistles, i.e. garnishes, but lack nothing in great flavor. I debated about chopping the grilled meats and frying the way they do their carne asada but after tasting the beef I didn't think it could be improved on at all. I got the beef at the huge Mexican store and you can see how thin it is sliced and from the looks of it it's probably some bottom round. I marinated it in bottled mojo grillo for about 6 hrs first and just tried to get a good sear on them a few at a time and transfer to a hot metal pan on the side and when all were grilled I wrapped them in tin foil and let rest for 15 min before chopping. The fresh home made salsa verde is the trick and all we added to our tacos was onions and cilantro. Limes were DOA so I went with lemons.

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  1. awesome vittles chet! you ARE the man when it comes to real mexi-food!