Saturday, May 8, 2010

Traegered Hot Wings and Pasta Salad

Had to change our Hot Wing meal up a lil bit, so I came up with this Pasta Salad that turned out really good. To start it has a lb of small pasta, 1 chopped onion, large clove of garlic, fresh spinach, 4 seeded fresh roma tomatoes, handful of sun dried tomatoes, small can of sliced black olives, sm container of feta (5oz), ½ cup evoo, couple tbs of wine vinegar. It’s good warm or cold and was a nice side dish with these wings along with celery sticks and ranch.

I cooked these wings at the store before coming home in the Traeger at 350 but I used the “SMOKE” setting for about 30 min before turning the heat to 350. They probably cooked about 90 min to get crispy like that and they turned out so nice I just couldn’t dunk em in sauce. They look like they were breaded but all they had on them was Obies Sweet n Heat and Slabs Birds and Bones. I like dipping sauce for wings maybe a lil better than presauced wings anyway and I don’t add the butter to Texas Pete.


I am going to JUDGE in the Rome, Ga contest tomorrow and I’m kinda excited. I try to judge at least one or two contest a year just to stay in the loop and see what the other guys are turning in – can’t wait.

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