Friday, September 3, 2010

Things Are Looking UP

O.K. golf day with all the other old men yesterday and as usual I didn't fare well in the blind draw and didn't make it on a winning team. But I did manage to eagle # 7 and was 3rd closest to the hole on the par 3 10th worth 14 bucks. So let's see last week I think I was 3 down and this week 3 up after coughing up the 11 bucks each time to play, so next week I'm starting over. All that pales in comparison though to what was waiting on me when I got back to the office - feast your eyes on this:

Tuesday is not my favorite day to attend a practice round at the Masters but just being there is worth the trip. Man I can't wait. I think we're going to go the stationary route this time and not wonder around - what's the best spot to stay put?

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