Thursday, October 28, 2010

Really Bad Chicken Deal

Here's one for the record books. You know how hard it is to trim thighs for competition especially if your scraping the fat off the skin on 16 of em. Last week I went to the local meat counter that acts like an old style meat market but it really ain't to get my thighs for the contest and they didn't have any but had plenty of leg quarters. The gal said "I can cut you some if you want" and I said "sure, I'll be back in a minute". She had all of em cut in about 3 min and they looked perfect and fresh as could be. Problem was she left the rib cage partly on making them look just the right size but way too small by the time you removed it. I went ahead and did my best to trim and scrape and etc only to wind up with quail thighs, which I vac sealed and was thinking about using but decided to get some more cuz them wuz too small. I FORGOT ABOUT HAVING EM IN THE FRIDGE TILL TODAY AND THEY WERE TOO OLD AND HAD TO THROW EM OUT. SUKS BIG TIME. Just because some one say's they are a butcher does not mean they really are is what I say.

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