Sunday, December 26, 2010

Simply The Best Beef For A Crowd

What would your choice of beef be if you were cooking for a crowd? The BEEF CHUCK SHOULDER CLOD is always what works for me and the good news is it usually only cost a couple bucks a pound and weighs in at around 20 lbs (38 bucks for this one). You just can't beat fork tender ROAST BEEF and plenty of it. Here's a step by step including times (I hardly ever succeed in making myself keep notes but this time I managed to jot it down on the "things we're out of" list on the fridge. I cook this just like a brisket and injected it with Kosmos beef marinade and rubbed it with Traeger Prime Rib Rub just before starting the cook. At 10:00am Christmas Eve I put it on the Traeger after a 30 min hot sear on the grill I have called the Portable Kitchen. The searing was just something I wanted to try and although this beef was the best so far I'm still not really sure if that sear is necessary. The cooker was set to 225 and I waited till 12:30 to insert the remote probe, the meat was at 104 at that time. The cooker cruised right around it's set temp until 6:45pm when it finally reached 165. I see no reason to burn pellets, charcoal, or wood when finishing meat wrapped in foil when I'm a few steps from them kitchen so after adding a couple of cups of beef broth and foiling it was into the oven to continue cooking at 225 until it reached 185 at 10:00pm. Rested for 3 hrs while I napped and then I separated it into parts that I thought would make nice slices and let it cool a little more before slicing. Btw the only thing I have found to worry about when slicing this is the flat iron which you can see on the left front of the first pic which needs to be separated once the roast is cooked and sliced cross wise. After getting it sliced and into a serving pan I strained the broth into a container and put that and the meat into the fridge till morning. A couple of hours before time to serve I skimmed the fat off the Au Jus and added worchester sauce and black pepper while heating, then drizzeled about a qtr cup over the meat reserving the rest for the table, re-covered the meat and heated at 275 till warm. In addition to the Au Jus I made some FLUFFY HORSERADDISH SAUCE with heavy whipping cream. The meat was so fork tender and beefy good you just did not want to stop eating it. I asked at the table if anyone would rather have it cooked more rare and it was unanimous that they preferred it just like it was.

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