Monday, November 11, 2013

BBQ (Butt over Brisket)

I never do one without the other as I like that Pork Fat dripping on my Brisket when I cook one.  This Brisket was cooked using my own Injection of beef brother and other seasonings and my own Rub which was heavy on the black pepper.  It was really tasty.  I have used large disposable pans in cooking both these meats after they have cooked long enough to have a nice color and bark on them and decided that I need to wrap with foil first to get that braising / steaming effect to penetrate into the meat more and I think I will stick with that idea from now on but I have to do a better job on these big Briskets and not loose my broth.  The Pork Butt was not injected and I find them to have a better flavor that way.  I did finally find a Misto Spray container I really like to spritz the meat with (pump it and it sprays a real fine mist).  So our BBQ Stash is now replenished and we are in good shape to barter meat and enjoy sandwiches for awhile.

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