Monday, November 11, 2013

Friday Night Pizza

We have been having Frozen Pizza every friday night for a long long time now and never tire of it.  Aldi's brand Mama Cozzi? or the California brands are the two we think are the best.  What makes it work for us is that we always buy either just a cheese pizza or veggie pizza and put other topping on it that we might have on hand.  This pizza was as you can see the veggie pizza and we were very lucky to have just cook a turkey and had that nice turkey breast and added plenty of anchovies along with extra Pecorino Cheese which is an amazing cheese and we are never without a large wedge that takes the place of so many other cheeses.  We use it for everything.  We like all the different crust but Thin seems to be what we like best and we never ever leave off the Sriracha.

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