Sunday, November 3, 2013

I have wanted to try Fried Turkey for a long time because I hear about how good they are all the time and not once have I heard anyone say a negative word.  Sooooo, Waring Pro Professional Rotisserie Turkey Fryer / Steamer was on sale at Sam's for 199.00 and I had to have one.   It makes a lot of sense to have this thing set up the way it is and be able to cook with much less oil due to the rotisserie.  Any frying a big bird has always seemed to make sense to me as well, and I must say I am not disappointed.  Now I have had plenty of good reviews on my turkey cooked the conventional way and never dried one out, but this frying effect on the outside of the bird is worth it all.  I won't say that my smoker will never see another turkey but this fried bird is probably better but just different.  I had absolutely no problems with my first cook but will tell you what to look out for if you ever find yourself using one of these cookers.  First, it takes around 45 min for 2 1/2 gal of oil to come to 350 and you may need to plan on that amount of time but you can expect the cooking time to be right on with the recipe included in the book, i.e. about 3 min per lb.  Another thing I was not expecting is the skin on the breast was not crispy and I guess that might be good because I don't know how you would slice it if it had been.  The skin on the legs and wings were super crispy and very good, they were also my fav part.

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