Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fried Turkey - New Thoughts

Just wanted to be sure I said how well this Waring Pro Rotisseri Turkey Fryer worked.  It was easy to use and did a great job and cleaned up nice as well.  As far a the turkey goes, I am like everyone else and really sold on how good they are but with one difference.  I find that after they are held over you get about the same turkey that I do when I smoke a turkey.  That could be that I just do a better job on turkey by not over cooking them which is what I think most people do.  That is important to me because I just don't like the pressure of carving a turkey or anything else at the table and like to feed a crowd by having all that done ahead of time.  They are very good though and we will still use ours this Thanksgiving.  Here's a pic of a little leftover breast meat that I made Turkey Melts with and mine had Cajun Peppers and her's had dill pickles.  Oh how I love those Sweet n Hot Cajun peppers, these are hot as hell fire but I can't resist them and they proved to be a perfect addition to this Turkey Melt.

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