Friday, April 3, 2009

"Our" Birthday Party

One of life's simple pleasures for me anyway is to be fortunate enough to make it around to April again each year and celebrate mine and my boys birthday together. They were born on the 3rd and I was born on the 7th so we always get together mostly at a restaurant somewhere but we have done it at home too. This was at a new Italian place at the end of what we call Main St but it's actually Hamilton St and the building use to be Strain's Feed & Seed. They did a really good job with the stucco exterior and decor on the inside but unfortunately not doing so well on the food served. I was excited to find Fried Calamari on the menu but was told the fryer was out of order which really meant they didn't have no stinkin calamari. When he first told me I suggested to use a fry pan. I then ordered Veal Scallopini and I love veal but again the cook was not the cook he should have been because the veal was too salty and way over cooked - what a shame. Everyone had a nice Italian dish and I think my veal and Sue's Ravioli Con Frutta del Mare were the only one's that were not even close and the others were pretty good. Here's some pics...

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