Monday, July 19, 2010

Catfish Supper

After spending several hours working on the BBQ trailer trying to get ready for a couple 2 or 3 upcoming contest, I focused my attention on this fish supper yesterday. I knew I'd like this combo of sides and was glad I tried it and it was nice getting out of the slaw & fry thing to go with your fish. Seems like we seldom cook on weekends that we don't have to make that trip to the store for something to fill out the list of ingredients and yesterday was no different. I needed a bell pepper for the Okra and Corn Maque Choux and some Shrimp for the Shrimp Grits. Strange but not surprising to me was that Walmart did not have any shrimp of any kind that was not already cooked, so I went to the big mexican store and they had em with heads on. I don't think I like buying em like that as it's kinda gross taking the heads off and besides your paying for the heads and not using them unless maybe you made stock with em. All is well that ends well and everything turned our really good.