Monday, December 16, 2013

Granny's Sunday Pot Roast

Just about every sunday morning while getting gravy and biscuit with all the trimmings ready my Grandmother would also be getting a Pot Roast in the oven to be ready right after church.  It was always great and I wanted mine to be good as well so here's what I did.  First I got some bacon fat and garlic ready...

The poked holes and stuffed the fat and garlic inside
Next I rubbed with real butter and seasoned with Cavenders and course salt and pepper
I put it on my smoker @ 325 just long enough to get a nice bark and color along with the smoke on the meat
Green beans from our garden and some rolls was all I had planned for sides but I wanted them to be good too, so I sauteed some onion and smoked ham before adding the beans
Next I added the potatoes, onion, and carrots and covered the pan with foil and continued to cook in the oven at 325
Real good meal but probably still came up short of my Grandmothers

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